We accept nonfiction, creative nonfiction, art, and translation from January 1 through September 30. We are also looking for poetry (short, long, free, metered, lyric, narrative, or prose) but this goes through a rotating guest editor instead of our regular staff. Flash Fiction should be sent directly to bluelyrareview at gmail dot com while all other genres go through Submittable.

We close annually for submissions between October 01 and December 31.

We are on a rolling basis but deadlines for each issue are:
Spring - Feb 01 (published end of March; 2013-2015 this was published end of Feb.)

Summer - May 01 (published live end of June)

Winter - Sept 01 (published live end of October)

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Currently Blue Lyra Press (Delphi series) is closed for submissions until summer 2017)!

$ 24.99 - 74.74

Many of these manuscripts seen have now been published! If you look online, most places charge a min. of $150! This is your opportunity to get an editor's eye, one who is an avid reader and passionate wordsmith!

This will include: a general overall critique (order, content, stanza arrangement, what is working and what is not, etc.) of a manuscript of poetry no more than 20 pages or $1 per page! $3 goes to credit card and Submittable fees. Sometimes I will focus on line arrangement and what is working vs what is not.

(If you wish more than 20 pages, just pay twice for 40 pages and thrice for 60 pages or click the full manuscript option!)

Again, this is not a line by line comment but from the perspective of a careful editor and avid reader. However, there will be some line edits and recommended cuts as well as what I really like most. I will focus on order (if you request it) but also what poems I feel should be included and/or excluded from the group. I will be thinking of it as a manuscript so please include all the information as if you will be submitting it for publication! If possible, I may get comments or feedback from other writers I know to add a paragraph of comments which may or may not support my views on the critique.

Please include cover page, table of contents, and acknowledgment page.

We will consider the unpublished poems for publication upon your agreement.

The money will be used for two purposes: 1) a donation to one of the charities we support (see our Charity Page at bluelyrareview.com) and to accomplish our goal of producing a best of print edition to be released December 2013. We also take donations through Paypal (again, see our Charity Page )

Please be aware that $1.14 is for credit card fee and $1.30 is for Submittable fee.

We are looking for book reviews in the following genres:

Fiction (Flash or short story collections as well as novels)
Nonfiction (prefer creative nonfiction seeped in nature vs memoir)

No length. Prefer third person reviews. Use quotes and excerpts to support your points. Books must either be forthcoming or published within the last year. Please no self published.

If you can interview the writer or wish to do so, we are open to that as well.

We are looking for something readable and not full of the usual, expected language. See our other reviews under Category Review on our site.


Blue Lyra Review is looking for translations that read as if they were originally written in English, rather than as "translations." We especially prize translations that "honor" the music of the original text. In addition, translators should choose poems of high literary merit. We consider previously unpublished translations of poetry from any language. Submissions should include 3-6 poems or short prose, and should include both the original and the translation. Biographies of both the author and translator should be included in a cover letter, as well as a short paragraph on the process of translating these particular poems and/or why this particular author was chosen. Translators are expected to have acquired copyright permission to publish (online and in print) the original poems,  if they are not in the public domain, BEFORE submitting.

Ends in 4 days, 17 hours

We read flash during the months of March or October.

The most important thing about the fiction of Blue Lyra Review is that it needs to be based more on truth than experimentation for experimentation’s sake. BLR is looking for something with strong imagery and something that furthers BLR's mission statement of diverse voices. Magical realism is an interest (but just one of our interests). Flash fiction is another. BLR is open to any subject, any length so long as it makes us want to read and reread it. It can be light or it can be serious, but for it to be worthy, it must reflect life, with some fundamental human idea. Our biggest interest is diversity. We’re interested in solid stories with weight, regardless of length. However, we will also consider longer pieces if you really think it would be a good fit in BLR and if you really think it is a great story, something unique. Send your submissions in .doc or .docx format with your contact information (name, address, phone number and email address) on your cover letter. Please make sure that you put the word count in the box below. Page numbers are not necessary. You may submit 1-3 micro pieces, but any pieces 1000 words or longer must be submitted alone.