We accept nonfiction, creative nonfiction, art, and translation from January 1 through September 30. We are also looking for poetry (short, long, free, metered, lyric, narrative, or prose) but this goes through a rotating guest editor instead of our regular staff. Flash Fiction should be sent directly to bluelyrareview at gmail dot com while all other genres go through Submittable.

We close annually for submissions between October 01 and December 31.

We are on a rolling basis but deadlines for each issue are:
Spring - Feb 01 (published end of March; 2013-2015 this was published end of Feb.)

Summer - May 01 (published live end of June)

Winter - Sept 01 (published live end of October)

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Ends on 7/31/2016
$ 24.99 - 74.74
Ends on 9/30/2016
Ends on 9/30/2016